The AMAZING iPoor!

Introducing iPoor

"iPoor is the real iPhone Killer."

- Walt Moseberg, The Wallet Street Journal.

Say Hello to iPoor


It's Beautiful

The iPoor is the most gorgeous and simple phone ever created. Its beautiful, colourful outer casing is bound to turn heads. The huge pink antenna is not only attractive but functional, providing an astonishing 25 foot range.

Amazing Interface

Multi-Touch Technology

Move over, Jeff Han. The iPoor features the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse. With over 5 colorful buttons you can touch, or even press multiple buttons at the same time for true, patented multi-touch technology.

iBooth's YEAH!

Stellar Battery Life

Life just got simpler. No other phone offers the reliability and simplicity of the iPoor. In the package are real maps you can use to easily locate the nearest available iBooths TM in your area. iBooths are now available at malls, restaurants, and other public places near you.

Smart Folder Icon

Mind Blowing Phonebook Simplicity

iPoor provides calling simplicity like no other cell phone can. Options range from a green bunny to a dark green bunny to a bear. There are 4 calling options, all of them colorful animals! 

wow Amazing Widgets

Improves your dating life.

iPoor features the Am I Hot Widget (tm), a mirror located in front of the phone.

Increases your IQ by 17%

iPoor goes back to the basics, allowing you to memorize phone numbers and thus increasing your IQ.

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Poverty Sucks. Help me Kick it. 

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Steve Nojobs, iPoor CEO

"Hello, I'm Steve Nojobs, CEO of iPoor. My Phone is the iPhone Killer." 

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"Incredibly pathetic attempt."
- Steve Jobs, Apple CEO.

"I guess it has a better battery life..."
- Michael Arringtones, Techcrutch

"Get a real job." 
- Steve's mother. 

Thinking about getting an iPhone?

Think again. With iPoor on the scene, buying an iPhone is almost a humanitarian crime against yourself. Do you really want the iPhone's sexy, metallic body when you can have colorful plastic? Here's more reason to make your next purchase an iPoor.

  1. It's Cheaper. Using amazing manufacturing techniques, all of the iPoor's amazing features are available at an AMAZING price!
  2. Just Because. Do you really need more reasons? No, you don't.

What Others Have to Say

"In my country, we all use iPoor high technology. If I not use, I will be execute. But it's nice, I like! "
— Borat, Journalist.

Russell Peters"Be a man and get iPoor, or somebody gonna get hurt real bad...  "
— Russell, Fortune Teller. Hiro Nakamura
"Save the iPoor, save the world!  Wait, that doesn't make sense... Oh well, I don't care. I'm a fictional Japanese character!"
— Hiro, Fictional Time Traveller.

Help Steve Kick Poverty

iPoor supports non-profit organizations fighting poverty. Learn fast and easy ways you can help, without necessarily donating money. 

Do I get anything from entering?

You're entered in our Gadget Giveaway, you help us support non-profits, and you get a Thank you email from Steve.

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