The iFAQ - lots of questions for all your answers. 

  1. 1. So what's this site all about?

  2. 2. Who's behind this nonsense?  

  3. 3. Is this a joke?

  4. 4. Is iPoor a real phone?

  5. 5. I'm flaccid with rage - Where can I send my hate mail?

  6. 6. Does entering my email get me anything at all?

So what is this site about? top ↑
It's a parody of the iPhone. It pokes fun at the iPhone hype and "iPhone killer" headlines. The aim is to bring awareness to non-profit organizations fighting poverty. We love Apple and think they make amazing products, but we believe iPoor is truly more revolutionary. It's the real iPhone killer! Looking for banners to link to us? 
Who's behind this nonsense? top ↑
Really bored people. Steve Nojobs, Co Founder and CEO of iPoor, holds the reigns of power. Read Steve's About page from his blog. 
Is this a joke? top ↑
Is iPoor a real phone? top ↑
No, unless you're 2 years old. It's a baby toy phone I found from Amazon and thought of using it as a joke. The baby phone is made by  V-tech, and is currently being sold on Amazon for $9.  
I'm flaccid with rage - Where can I send my hate mail?  top ↑
Send your hate mail to steveballer@microsoft.com  ... oops, wrong Steve! Contact the real Steve Nojobs here.
Does entering my email get me anything at all?  top ↑
Yes, you're entered in a gadget giveaway, you help us support non-profits fighting poverty, and get a thank you email from Steve Nojobs. 
Poverty Sucks. Help Steve Kick it.

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