27 iPod Ads on Video With Lyrics

A complete list of all 27 iPod ads with Video and Lyrics. Enjoy.

27 iPod Video Ads With Lyrics

This is a complete list of all 27 iPod commercials officially released on TV.  We added 3 more as a bonus. Click on a song title to read the lyrics and watch a much bigger video.  
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Here's an example:

Mi Swing Es Tropical
Artist: Quantic and Nickodemus
Se baila así, se goza más
Se baila así, se goza más
Oye de aquí para allá
Eee…de allá para acá
Es que se puede vacilar
Es que mi swing es tropical (Borinquen)
Y que se puede vacilar
Es que mi swing es tropical (Puerto Rico)...(more)

The 10 Most Popular Ads
Very First iPod Ad Ever
Jerk It Out
Dance Tonight
Feel Good Inc
Hey Mama
Lose Yourself
Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix)
Walkie Talkie Man

More iPod Ads

Are you gonna be my girl
Channel Surfer
Gimme that
Light and Day
Love Train
Original of the Species
Saturday Night
Someday Baby
Take California
The Audience Is Listening
Whos gonna sing
Wild Postings

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